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July 12 2017


Norton Antivirus Support

Infection, malware and other disease issues have been tormenting the digital world for recent decades now however tragically the circumstance has gone more regrettable in the previous ten years. Consistently around a million new contaminations are skimmed on the web the whole way across the globe and these diseases have the capacity of assaulting their first casualty inside a few minutes of their discharge. The issues brought on by these contaminations is truly serious in the created nations as they are the greatest targets. UK positions third in the rundown of nations most exceedingly terrible affected by digital contaminations and according to industry information around three of five individuals utilising the web have been influenced by these diseases and cybercrime in the previous twelve months. The UK has over 90% grown-up populace as web clients and in such a place this information can be truly risky. Norton Security & Mcfee Security has been among the most well-known projects promising thorough insurance against all such digital diseases and violations.

It ensures the customer's capable security against all such hidden ambushes by advanced guilty parties which are used to trick legit web customers. Norton Security & McAfee is an antivirus and antispyware program which gives complete protection from all kind of malware and spyware ambushes. It not simply saves you from the flow and known infections moreover gives you water-tight security against the dark pollutions by recognising them through their behavioural illustration using heuristic disclosure methodology. Norton & McAfee Security has been giving effective affirmation to its customers since late decades and has progressed exceptionally to ensure that the customers get  Windows Helpline Number
complete protection from each and every such malady and fakes. In any case, the customers can at present faces particular issues like malware issues or structure execution issues while using Norton & McAfee Security. Here, note that these issues don't develop as a result of the disagreement of Norton & McAfee Security yet due to foundation botches, setup issues, invigorate issues, and diverse subtle elements rising in Norton & McAfee Security. If you have furthermore been standing up to any such issues and need specific help then you can rapidly call Norton Support Number for offer help.

McAfee Customer Support is a particular help helpline available for the customers of UK. You can profit the help of our astoundingly experienced and guaranteed specific experts who will rapidly help you in settling the issues so you can use your system fittingly and without the fear of getting on the web maladies. Our masters can resolve particular issues snappy with their seasons of association in settling such issues. You can profit our organisation either through our 24 x 7 phone sincerely strong system or by methods for remote get the opportunity to profit at whatever time. Our masters are open round the check to help you in each and every such issue.
Support Via Remote Access

Remote get to is the quickest and the least demanding approach to get the issues settled through the specialists. Through remote get to our specialists can get the entrance of your framework incidentally and observe the issues themselves. With their times of involvement in settling Norton issues, they can take care of the issues speedier and all the more precisely. On the off chance that you are anxious about giving the control of the framework to another person then you are judicious however with us your feelings of trepidation will be irrational as entire of the time our specialists have control of your framework you will have the capacity to screen every single action completed by them. This, as well as Norton Helpline Number you can even overwhelm the entire operation anytime of time you feel awkward as you will dependably have the best control. We keep your protection and security as the prime concern and that is the reason as an additional measure we restrict the entrance of our specialists just to the symptomatic regions so that greater security can be guaranteed.

Antivirus Support keeps its customers as a top need and gives their issues the due basic as it understands that disease, malware and advanced security issues can provoke to various security and cash related challenges if not went to honestly. We for the most part certification that your antivirus programs working is restored quickly and the issues are settled elegantly with the objective that you don't have to defy any security risk. Our gathering of authorities have specialisation in settling Security issues as they have years of experiencing in settling issues related to Antivirus projects and along these lines know it in and out. In case you are going up against any issue related to your Antivirus program then you understand that Antivirus Support Number will be your most legitimate choice in doing in like manner. Call us at whatever time you require particular assurance of the issues and not any more engaged esteeming.

July 11 2017


Cybersecurity Forecast Looks Grim for IoT and SCADA

With the FBI stating that ransomware alone is estimated to cause a whopping $1 billion in financial losses, cybercriminals have also outdone themselves with the largest denial of service attack to date – 1 Tbps – performed with compromised IoT devices. 2017 is likely to be even more interesting, from a security perspective, than anything we’ve seen before.With the FBI stating that ransomware alone is estimated to Wordpress cause a whopping $1 billion in financial losses, cybercriminals have also outdone themselves with the largest denial of service attack to date – 1 Tbps – performed with compromised IoT devices. 2017 is likely to be even more interesting, from a security perspective, than anything we’ve seen before.

The IoT Bot Army

The IoT proliferation, estimated to reach 50 billion devices by 2020, will likely be exploited throughout 2017 to perform some of the most massive and disruptive distributed denial of service attacks to date. Built by manufacturers with inherent security vulnerabilities and sometimes even lacking update mechanisms, smart internet-connected devices Tumbler will likely become part of the largest “armies” of bots controlled by cybercriminals. Potentially ranging in the hundreds of thousands, such massively controlled networks will likely be used to target organizations and even states to disrupt infrastructures and services. If the Mirai botnet that disrupted DNS service provider DYN has taught us anything, it’s that it’s not only amazingly simple to compromise IoT devices, but that the Internet’s infrastructure and IoT security standards need to change to address these concerns.Industrial Control 

Systems Attacks

With SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) systems becoming cheaper to produce and moving towards relying on TCP/IP network protocols for network communications, security Leapzip researchers have long warned about the dangers of not having the proper security mechanism in place to protect them. Exploiting vulnerabilities in various SCADA components to gain access and control critical systems, such as a country’s power grid, telecommunications, and even transportation systems, attackers could compromise and cripple a town, state, or even a small country. Because most of these systems lack proper security mechanisms as they haven’t been designed around security, security researchers have found that cybercriminals could easily tamper with them and make them execute malicious commands and instructions.

Darknet Proliferation and Targeted Attacks

While seemingly unrelated, the two play a vital role in cybercriminal activities as the tools and malware sold on darknet marketplaces are often used in targeted attacks. Despite the demise of the popular Silk Road website, many TOR-fied hidden services have emerged to fill in the illegal goods distribution vacuum. Highly specialized marketplaces have stepped up to offer everything from illegal drugs and goods to cybercriminal tools, such as ransomware kits, to the highest bidder. This constant supply of cybercriminal tools has spurred a new generation of cybercriminals, focused on financial gains.Targeted attacks will also become a lot more common, as not only the tools used for pulling them off have become easily available, but the rewards of successfully breaching a high-profile company are highly profitable. Either for public shaming or to extort the victim into paying large fees not to publish online sensitive and critical data, targeted  attacks will likely intensify through 2017, potentially hitting large organizations and financial institutions.

A Safer 2017

With 2017 just around the corner, many security experts believe cooperation between law enforcement agencies and security companies can only lead to a diminishing in cybercriminal activities. Once such activity has already concluded with the dismantling of a massive international criminal ring and that operated 20 malware and ransomware families.

Dubbed Avalanche, the operation was not only a success, but also proved that both law enforcement and security agencies can stifle cybercriminal activities, which is about everything you could wish for 2017. With the increased sophistication of and persistency of malware, 2017 is all about securing all your devices. Total security for multiple devices does just that and platform-agnostic protection is the best type of protection against new and unknown malware that might ruin your 2017.

Norton Support Number


Top tips for expanding your startup internationally

International expansion is an inevitable ambition for ambitious tech companies, but the route abroad is fraught with dangers, from legal risks to cultural hazards. Even video-streaming juggernaut Netflix had a bumpy road overseas. The company launched its service into more than 130 new countries in January 2016, but its stock soon Leapzip slipped as a result. A lack of local content, language barriers, underdeveloped payment processing and broadband infrastructure and pricing that wasn’t significantly altered to match the local economy were named as major barriers by Wall Street analysts Jefferies. Netflix sailed into the largest quarter of net additions in its history within a year, but continues to lose money from its overseas expansion for now. For smaller companies these pitfalls could have already proven fatal. Different international markets all Storify have their own potential potholes around investment, trade, accountancy, logistics, legal and marketing issues. GTM Global in association with techUK brought experts from each of these fields together to give their Wordpress advice on international expansion in one-to-one sessions for mid-market technology startups.

Techworld was on hand to pick the brains of the mentors at the inaugural three-hour workshops at techUK's central London headquarters.

The workshop begins

There are ten tables arranged along the walls of a large meeting room, where around a dozen different mentors and tech company bosses stand in the middle.They already know each other Blogster on paper. Before the meeting, the organisers drafted a briefing document for each company based on an analysis of the business makeup and key objectives of their overseas expansion plan. This is then shared with the mentors, whose details in turn are given to the companies. To ease the personal introductions, everybody present briefly introduces their company and their individual role and goal.

Asus Support Number

July 07 2017


How can I remove ransomware from my computer?

You’re a home or small business user and a dialogue box has just appeared telling you that your Windows PC's files are now encrypted and you have 48 hours to pay £350 ($500) in Bitcoins to get them back. Fail to meet that deadline and the price will rise.

Now what?

Crypto ransomware targeting Blogster Windows turned into a mass phenomenon about five years ago. And by the time you saw the ransom demand, it was too late to pull the plug on the PC to stop further compromise. Your only option was to haul out backups, assuming you had them.

Today, the situation has improved a bit, although the right kind of backups is still the number one defence.

Today’s antivirus programs are now better tuned to block ransomware, usually by watching Wordpress for the actions of specific variants while a few even claim they can clean up the mess after the fact. This the second priority – making sure that the system is free of infection before reinstating data.

Beyond that, it’s about preparing better defences for future attacks which might be easier than some assume. Although ransom malware almost always uses unbreakable public key encryption to lock files, the number of variants is Leapzip relatively small at any one time. It is possible that a security programme can be tuned to spot the most active ransomware by watching for known behaviour such as interacting with the filesystem

Obviously, no product can offer 100 percent ransomware removal, not even a fraction of that if we're honest. Businesses and individuals should still operate carefully online, abide by a security best practice and back up their data. Upstartblogger But a lot of them will help protect your systems and help you recover as fast as possible with minimal damage to your systems and networks. 

It needs to be underlined in bold that competent backup is still the single most important defence against ransomware. Without that on hand, simply removing the infection is just a way of getting back the system, not the data that was on it.

July 05 2017


Facebook has revealed its work on a keyboard you can control with your mind

The technology has been trialed by a patient with locked-in syndrome (LIS), a neurological disorder that leaves her trapped in her body while mentally aware but unable to communicate.An array of electrodes was implanted into the patient which record her neurons firing when she imagines moving a cursor over a digital keyboard on a screen. A silent speech interface gives her private communication using only Daily Strength her brainwaves. It currently functions at a speed of eight words per minute, but Facebook is aiming to increase this to 100 WPM. The company plans to roll it out for commercial use in the future.The project was on display at Facebook’s London engineering hub in the heart of the capital’s creative hub of Shoreditch. It is one of five major engineering sites around the world and the largest outside the US.Facebook's director of product Kyle McGinn was on hand to discuss the innovations developed by its London team of developers, and provide insight on the social network’s developing strategy. Wordpress He also explained the Facebook approach to a topic of growing controversy: how the company responds to users at risk of suicide.The subject gained mainstream media attention following a spate of suicides streamed live on the social network. In March Facebook announced it was trialing tools that use pattern recognition algorithms to spot posts containing signs of suicidal thoughts.

The drone was developed by aeronautical engineers to stay airborne for three months and deliver high-speed connectivity to remote areas of the world. There was also an enticing selection of crustless sandwiches and branded cupcakes.Upstairs in the "Experience" room, under exposed wooden beams, was a collection of instant games, the Blogger  aforementioned brainwaves device and a demonstration of the Oculus VR technology it acquired for $2bn in 2014.  The Oculus Rooms team in London is developing technology to bringing people together in virtual spaces.Across the metal gangway was the final exhibition room, named "Share". It included demonstrations of the Safety Centre security and privacy features, the 360 photo and the Boomerang feature for Instagram that ties together a burst of camera shots, and AR technology that is currently under development.


Who are the virtual reality and augmented reality startups

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) revenues are set to rocket from £4.2 billion in 2016 to more than £130 billion in 2020 according to research from the International Data Corporation. The UK plays home to a number of emerging players in the industry hoping to cash in on the boom. A recent report by GrowthEnabler estimated that of more than 800 companies working in the segment worldwide, more than 150 are based in the Britain. Here's our pick of the ones to watch out for.Buckinghamshire-based EdTech startup MEL Science has taken VR to the chemistry lab. Russian physicist Vassili Philippov founded the company to teach his children about science through a combination of practical training and virtual reality. The startup kit includes a cardboard VR headset, chemistry equipment, and two sets of experiments to start. Another two are delivered to their door every month of the subscription. After conducting a real experiment with the equipment, budding chemists can don the goggles, boot the MEL Science app, and explore their work on a molecular level, viewing, manipulating and even building atoms. The company was founded in 2015 and launched its virtual chemistry lab in June 2017. In October 2016 it raised $2.5m in Series A funding from Sistema Venture Capital. The subscription service is available to customers in the UK, US, and Russia, and costs £38.90 per month including shipping.

Mcafee Support Number UK


NHS doctors use Snapchat to send patients' scans, report says

NHS doctors are using Snapchat to send patient scans to one another, according to a new report that warns it is an "insecure, risky" way of working. A panel of experts, chaired by former Liberal Democrat MP Dr Julian Huppert, said the NHS was letting the digital revolution pass it by, forcing medics to find their own "technical fixes". The report also revealed that the NHS is the world's largest purchaser of fax machines, described by the authors as a "dubious title" to hold. The report was commissioned to examine the dealings that DeepMind Health, which is owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has with the NHS. A project between DeepMind and the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust has recently come under fire.On Monday, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) ruled that the NHS Trust "failed" to comply with data protection law when it provided data on 1.6 million patients to DeepMind. The files were shared as part of a test for an app that can alert doctors to patients who are at risk from kidney injuries. Last year DeepMind commissioned a panel of independent experts to look into its work with the NHS. In their first annual report, the experts highlighted a number of concerns but also commended DeepMind for many elements of its pioneering work.The panel commissioned a series of independent experts to examine elements of DeepMind's work - including employing data security analysts. They identified 11 "relatively minor" technical vulnerabilities but overall the panel commended DeepMind Health for its "high level of data security". They were not so favourable about the NHS, writing: "The digital revolution has largely bypassed the NHS, which, in 2017, still retains the dubious title of being the world's largest purchaser of fax machines. "Many records are insecure paper based systems which are unwieldy and difficult to use.

"Seeing the difference that technology makes in their own lives, clinicians are already manufacturing their own technical fixes. They may use SnapChat to send scans from one clinician to another or camera apps to record particular details of patient information in a convenient format. "It is difficult to criticise these individuals, given that this makes their job possible. However, this is clearly an insecure, risky, and non-auditable way of operating, and cannot continue." The authors also add that the average NHS trust has 160 different computer systems in operation. At a press conference launching the report, panel chair Dr Julian Huppert said: "There are a lot of companies that supply technology systems within the NHS. I suspect if you were to examine any of them you would find quite a lot of things one could question.

"I think that there is a problem with the skill levels within the NHS and some cases within the companies that supply it. I think there are real questions about security of data throughout. "If you look at the WannaCry attack, that encrypted data but if it had instead been aimed at exfiltrating and publishing all of that data I don't believe there is much that could have stopped it. "I'm not a particularly expert programmer but there are real problems around the NHS and how it uses data and how securely that is kept and the relations it forms with others. "There is a huge amount of work in my view to improve the standards of data security to improve the standards of privacy across the entirety of the NHS." On Monday the ICO said the Royal Free, in its role as "data controllers", did not comply with the Data Protection Act when it provided the information as part of the test for the Streams app - which is for the use of healthcare professionals and can identify patients who are at risk from acute kidney injuries (AKI) and alert doctors. But DeepMind were not acting as "data controllers" but "data processors". Asus Customer Service UK





July 04 2017


China's bloggers, filmmakers feel chill of internet crackdown

China's latest maneuver in a sweeping crackdown on internet content has sent a chill through a diverse community of filmmakers, bloggers, media and educators who fear their sites could be shut down as Beijing tightens control. Over the last month, Chinese regulators have closed celebrity gossip websites, restricted what video people can post and suspended online streaming, all on grounds of inappropriate content. On Friday, an industry association circulated new regulations that at least two "auditors" will, with immediate effect, be required to check all audiovisual content posted online - from films to "micro" movies, documentaries, sports, educational material and animation - to ensure they adhere to "core socialist values".Topics deemed inappropriate include drug addiction and homosexuality, said the government-affiliated China Netcasting Services Association, which represents more than 600 members. People flocked online at the weekend to criticize the move, with most saying it was a step backwards that would hamper creativity. Some noted it could be near impossible to enforce. "According to these censorship rules, nothing will make it through, which will do away with audiovisual artistic creation," Li Yinhe, an academic who studies sexuality at the government-run Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote in an online post.

Under the government rules, such works as Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen" and Shakespeare's "Othello" would technically have to be banned for depicting prostitution and overt displays of affection, she said. The rules, which affect social media giants like Weibo Corp (WB.O) as well as small platforms that have thrived in China's buzzing creative online space, are the latest step toughening oversight ahead of the Communist Party Congress later this year, when President Xi Jinping is expected to consolidate power. China's online video market, including revenue from advertising and content purchases, had been expected to more than quadruple to around 96.2 billion yuan ($17.6 billion) by 2020 from 2015, according to 2016 data from IHS Markit. "We used to describe the constant drip of regulation as boiling a frog in warm water. Now it is outright scalding with boiling water," Wang Xiaoxiao, a talent agent who represents several actors who have gained fame online, told Reuters.

July 03 2017


Why cybercriminals are really attacking your smart home

Security issues are a major roadblock in the large-scale adoption of IoT, but not all consumers are aware of the vulnerabilities in their home devices; vulnerabilities they most often facilitate themselves.In most cases, manufacturers rush to market and forget about security. Throughout their purchase journey, users are more often driven by the latest trends or whims, and don’t carefully look into product reviews or demand manufacturers look into strong security algorithms in the device 

lifecycle. Even though IoT security flaws are stalling its growth and global adoption, the segment gaining real traction is home security alarm services. Often, users are not even aware that they own a smart home and don’t know its implications. “A fifth or fewer realize they live in a smart home,” confirms a  Bitdefender global study on IoT adoption and smart homes.The most common smart devices in people’s homes are smartphones, desktop computers and tabletsfollowed by smart TVs and wireless gaming consoles, the study found. US households lead adoption, with an average of 13 smart devices or accessories each.Mirai attacks have been in the news quite a lot and although, for now, attacks seem to have ceased, DDoS attacks generated by Mirai infections are expected to keep coming our way. As security experts believe we’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg, Mirai and malware of its like are spreading, taking over DVRs and routers,sooner or later taking its toll on consumer life.Despite poor authentication mechanisms in IoT devices, users make it very easy for hackers to bypass security and infiltrate their networks because they forget to change default credentials, run software updates or use a strong security agent for their home. So if your password is still “admin”, “123456” or something easy to guess based on your personal information, you are a perfect candidate for brute-force attacks. As many as 16 percent of US residents use the same password for all devices. Don’t join their club!  Mcafee Contact Number





July 01 2017


Outlook is DOWN: Thousands of frustrated users are left unable to access emails after a huge Microsoft outage

The outage was first reported at around 12:00 GMT (7am ET) today 
One website which provides overview of outages had more than 3,600 reports Users from all over the world took to social media to express their frustration Skype and Xbox players are also having trouble logging in, although problems with these services aren't as widespread Microsoft Outlook is suffering a mammoth outage causing havoc for thousands of email users. There have been widespread problems reported for users trying to access the email client. Thousands of Outlook users have been hit with the error page since the issue was first reported at around 12:00 GMT (7am ET). Skype users are also having trouble logging in to the chat service and many Xbox players can't access their Xbox Live accounts. Both are run by Microsoft, however, problems with these services aren't as widespread. Independent website Down Detector, which provides real-time overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services, had received over 3,600 reports this afternoon. 
Issues have been reported throughout Europe and the US.  
'Something went wrong :( The server can't sign you in right now. Please try again later', the error message on the page reads. 


What makes Best Buy antivirus software?

When you download virus protection - whether it’s paid-for or free software - you want to feel confident that hordes of internet nasties will be safely locked out of your PC or Mac. To ensure that security software packages offer good protection against day-to-day threats, we put together a horrible collection of old and new viruses and other malicious downloads, also known as malware. A Best Buy security suite will keep your computer as safe as Fort Knox. But there’s more to internet security than just fighting malware. So our thorough testing considers other key questions you’ll be asking before you download, including: Will I be shielded from viruses? Will it help me avoid scams? Is the software easy to install and use? Does it include all the features I need? Will it slow down my computer? Should I download it? Head on to our antivirus software reviews or read on to find out more about how our independent testing works.

Will I be shielded from viruses? 

We use the latest malware to try to infect our test computers. Using virus-ravaged zipped email file attachments, USB sticks and website downloads, we carry out a full-on cyber assault on the software. And for Macs, we check to see whether they stop annoying adware, too. The security packages that deal with the threats with the most effectiveness and least fuss score the highest marks and earn a place in our run-down of best antivirus programs. We also check the programs to ensure they don’t let you pass infected files onto other people, even if the files haven’t been opened by you first. 

Norton Contact Number


Lightest laptop Everybody can buy easily

Fujitsu has unleashed a bunch of new laptops, tablets and workstations aimed at the business market – no less than 18 of them – with the highlight being an incredibly light LifeBook. The LifeBook U937/P is a 13.3-inch notebook which weighs in at a mind-boggling 799g, with a thickness of 15.5mm. The weight makes the likes of the highly portable LG gram 14 almost seem a tad hefty at 980g (although that model has a slightly bigger form factor, being a 14-inch Ultrabook). Still, Fujitsu’s new offering is the lightest notebook you can get at the size, given that Lenovo no longer makes the LaVie Z HZ550 (a 13.3-inch laptop which weighed a tad less at 780g – but the currently available LaVie Z models start at a weight of 850g). Fujitsu’s U937/P benefits from a Kaby Lake processor, but the company hasn’t revealed further spec details yet. Although it did note that the device will be available in two colours – either black or red – and it’s expected to be on shelves in Japan early next month (and hopefully elsewhere not long after). 

The almighty Windows 10 powers Fujitsu's featherweight laptop

Get convertedThis notebook, and the various other business laptops Fujitsu is launching, all come equipped with Kaby Lake CPUs. In total, there are nine new laptops emerging, along with four tablets, four workstations and a desktop PC. Fujitsu is also rolling out a 12.5-inch convertible laptop, the LifeBook P727/P, which allows the keyboard to be folded back 360-degrees to be used in tablet mode (or it can be partially folded back to be in tent mode, or stand mode for presentations).

June 29 2017


New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business

A computer virus wreaked havoc on firms around the globe on Wednesday as it spread to more than 60 countries, disrupting ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting work at a chocolate factory in Australia. Risk-modeling firm Cyence said economic losses from this week's attack and one last month from a virus dubbed WannaCry would likely total $8 billion. That estimate highlights the steep tolls businesses around the globe face from growth in cyber attacks that knock critical computer networks offline. "When systems are down and can't generate revenue, that really gets the attention of executives and board members," said George Kurtz, chief executive of security software maker CrowdStrike. "This has heightened awareness of the need for resiliency and better security in networks." The virus, which researchers are calling GoldenEye or Petya, began its spread on Tuesday in Ukraine. It infected machines of visitors to a local news site and computers downloading tainted updates of a popular tax accounting package, according to national police and cyber experts. It shut down a cargo booking system at Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk (MAERSKb.CO), causing congestion at some of the 76 ports around the world run by its APM Terminals subsidiary. Maersk said late on Wednesday that the system was back online: "Booking confirmation will take a little longer than usual but we are delighted to carry your cargo," it said via Twitter. U.S. delivery firm FedEx said its TNT Express division had been significantly affected by the virus, which also wormed its way into South America, affecting ports in Argentina operated by China's Cofco.The malicious code encrypted data on machines and demanded victims $300 ransoms for recovery, similar to the extortion tactic used in the global WannaCry ransomware attack in May. Security experts said they believed that the goal was to disrupt computer systems across Ukraine, not extortion, saying the attack used powerful wiping software that made it impossible to recover lost data. "It was a wiper disguised as ransomware. They had no intention of obtaining money from the attack," said Tom Kellermann, chief executive of Strategic Cyber Ventures.Brian Lord, a former official with Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) who is now managing director at private security firm PGI Cyber, said he believed the campaign was an "experiment" in using ransomware to cause destruction. "This starts to look like a state operating through a proxy," he said. Norton Support Number 

June 27 2017


Social media giants step up joint fight against extremist content

Social media giants Facebook, Google's YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft said on Monday they were forming a global working group to combine their efforts to remove terrorist content from their platforms. Responding to pressure from governments in Europe and the United States after a spate of militant attacks, the companies said they would share technical solutions for removing terrorist content, commission research to inform their counter-speech efforts and work more with counter-terrorism experts. The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism "will formalise and structure existing and future areas of collaboration between our companies and foster cooperation with smaller tech companies, civil society groups and academics, governments and supra-national bodies such as the EU and the UN," the companies said in a statement. The move comes on the heels of last week's call from European heads of state for tech firms to establish an industry forum and develop new technology and tools to improve the automatic detection and removal of extremist content. The political pressure on the companies has raised the prospect of new legislation at EU level, but so far only Germany has proposed a law fining social media networks up to 50 million euros (44.03 million pounds) if they fail to remove hateful postings quickly. The lower house of the German parliament is expected to vote on the law this week.
The companies will seek to improve technical work such as a database created in December to share unique digital fingerprints they automatically assign to videos or photos of extremist content.They will also exchange best practices on content detection techniques using machine learning as well as define "standard transparency reporting methods for terrorist content removals."Earlier this month Facebook opened up about its efforts to remove terrorism content in response to criticism from politicians that tech giants are not doing enough to stop militant groups using their platforms for propaganda and recruiting.Google announced additional measures to identify and remove terrorist or violent extremist content on its video-sharing platform YouTube shortly thereafter.Twitter suspended 376,890 accounts for violations related to the promotion of terrorism in the second half of 2016 and will share further updates on its efforts to combat violent extremism on its platform in its next Transparency Report.The social media firms said they would work with smaller companies to help them tackle extremist content and organisations such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies to work on ways to counter online extremism and hate.All four companies have initiatives to counter online hate speech and will use the forum to improve their efforts and train civil society organisations engaged in similar work.

June 23 2017


Which Windows programs for more advanced users do you recommend?

There are a dozen programs that I install on every Windows PC. Currently, these include the Firefox web browser, Unchecky, Search Everything, Paint.net, PIXresizer, FreeFileSync, Personal Software Inspector (PSI) and the full K-Lite codec pack, which includes Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC). I mentioned all of those in my previous answer, along with some alternatives. The main aim is to avoid problems such as accidentally installing foistware when downloading programs (Unchecky), trying to find codecs when videos Asus Support Number won’t play (K-Lite), updating applications (PSI), and not backing up essential data (FreeFileSync). Paint.net is a replacement for Windows Paint, while MPC-HC replaces Windows Media Player. Search Everything – unlike Windows 10’s File Explorer – makes it easy to find files, and you can drag and drop files from the search results.PIXresizer provides a quick, efficient way to batch-resize a folder of photos before uploading them to Facebook. There’s no point in uploading 5MB image files. Reducing them to around 0.5MB (512K) makes it easier to upload them over dodgy hotel wifi.

None of these programs is hard to use, and they are suitable for people who aren’t interested in what their computers are doing. We are interested in that, I think ...

Advance to go

So how do programs for beginners differ from ones for more advanced users? First, they are usually designed so that their default settings do what most people want, most of the time. Second, they hide the complexity of what the PC is doing under the hood.You could see this as dumbing down. This process was already evident at the 2001 launch of Windows XP. It accelerated with the arrival of billions of smartphone and tablet users, and Windows 10 apps. By contrast, a lot of serious programs – Microsoft Office, most of Adobe Creative Suite, Dragon voice recognition software, AutoCAD, Mathematica etc – and utilities were written in a previous century.For some concrete examples, consider ripping CDs and converting videos to different formats (eg for a phone or tablet). Ordinary users are usually happy to rip CDs using Apple’s iTunes or Winamp or whatever. These programs try to automate the process. Advanced users will use Exact Audio Copy and tweak the settings to get the best possible results.If someone asked me for a video recoder, I’d recommend something like the free version of WonderFox’s HD Video Decoder Factory, which has a few big buttons and hides all the details under defaults. What I use myself is XMedia Recode. This has no big buttons, provides a zillion controls and, by the way, comes with no instructions.





June 22 2017


Microsoft services including Outlook, Hotmail and Xbox are down

Microsoft users across the globe are reporting Outlook, Hotmail and Xbox Live are down.Thousands of email users have complained they cannot log into their accounts and are being left with an error page. Others have said they are taken to a blank page or have received a message claiming their account does not exist. Xbox Live players are also reporting similar problems and claim they are struggling to log into their accounts.Another user wrote: “The same, it’s happening to me, it says my account does not exist...” Matthew Milam posted: “I can’t login to Outlook either. After putting in my password, it goes nowhere but to a blank screen.”Another Facebook user wrote: “It seems that Microsoft services are experiencing some outage right now.” A Microsoft spokesperson said: "We are aware of reports that some users are having difficulty signing in to some services. We are investigating this issue." Microsoft later commented that the issue had been resolved. But as of 7.30pm there were customers still complaining they could not log into their email accounts.

Hotmail Helpline Number


Lenovo to offer free McAfee LiveSafe security software to users whose laptops were shipped with Superfish

Lenovo, the world's biggest personal computer maker, last week advised customers to uninstall the Superfish program.Security experts and the US Department of Homeland Security recommended the program be removed because it made users vulnerable to what are known as SSL spoofing techniques that can enable remote attackers to read encrypted web traffic, steal credentials and perform other attacks.Lenovo announced the offer to provide six-month subscriptions to Intel's McAfee LiveSafe on Friday as it also disclosed plans to "significantly" reduce the amount of software that it ships with new computers.Pre-loaded programs will include Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) Windows operating system, security products, Lenovo applications and programs "required" to make unique hardware such as 3D cameras work well, Lenovo said."This should eliminate what our industry calls 'adware' and 'bloatware,'" the Lenovo statement said. Adi Pinhas, chief executive of Palo Alto, California-based Superfish, said in a statement last week that his company's software helps users achieve more relevant search results based on images of products viewed. He said the vulnerability was "inadvertently" introduced by Israel-based Komodia, which built the application that Lenovo advised customers to uninstall.

Komodia declined comment.

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June 16 2017


Hotmail Password Reset and Recovery Issues

Since the previous quite a long while, various email specialist organizations have appeared. Few of them were started or purchased by significant players of e-world while others were made by more up to date players. Hotmail (now known as Windows Live Hotmail) is one such email benefit that was purchased by Microsoft in the year 1997. From that point forward, the quantity of Hotmail Account holders has been essentially climbing quite a long time, and today Hotmail is a standout amongst the most generally utilized email benefits all around the globe. Better administrations dependably request better support too to maintain a client base for long. While Microsoft has been adding to more current usefulness to this email record, for example, a logbook, update Hotmail Support Number cushion, sky drive, visit delivery person and the sky is the limit from there, it likewise has set up an online Hotmail Help Center page that obliges every one of the inquiries that are advanced them now and again. Hotmail Support that is accessible by means of authority Hotmail website page records answers for a wide range of issues that one can involvement while utilizing Hotmail email account. Such arrangements are proposed to give you a chance to have respond in due order regarding your basic questions immediately. The main disadvantage is that Hotmail Support is just accessible by means of online help, that too as FAQs and Email Help, and not by means of telephone or online talk. 

In the event that you wish to have something done genuine rapidly, you can look for help of outsider organizations. You can check out web and pick any of such organizations to profit their help with your issue. On the off chance that online help has been of no utilization to you, you could again look for help of such substances, which work freely and accuse you of an ostensible charge for their administration. A hefty portion of them have certain additional items on offer too that they offer packaged up with the essential administration. With arrangements in advance to redesign Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook soon (with some being moved as of now as a piece of testing stage), you could likewise search for Outlook Support, which will again outfit you with some data that would come helpful for you. Security is another real worry for all. With regards to your email account, this worry is the same, as the greater part of us have a considerable measure of vital data on our email account, which after a specific time likewise turns into an image of our character. This is the reason it is constantly informed to make use with respect to the correct safety efforts and along these lines stay secured from a wide range of outside dangers. A decent illustration is remaining safe from spam messages that are expected to take your private data, which could be much basic for you. Abstain from signing into your record from an open PC, and never incapacitate firewall of your PC as extra safety efforts.

June 15 2017


The Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows

If you have a Windows computer, you need anti-virus software. There always will be those who will insist that every virus attack is caused due to "user error" or because the person using the computer wasn't careful enough. That statement is only partly true. Even if you have all the latest Windows updates installed and are using the latest version of a secure browser, there are always some vulnerabilities can be used to attack your computer. Good anti-virus software stops you from downloading viruses or opening unsafe files. That's why it is essential to have anti-virus software installed and updated.Many computer dealers will ask you to buy a licence for an anti-virus suite along with the PC, but free anti-virus software along with an anti-malware programme form a line of defence that's good enough for most people.

We looked at tests conducted by PC Mag and independent testing body AV-Test as a starting point and weighed them against our our own experiences to compile this list of the best free anti-virus software for Windows. Here are our picks:

Avast 2015 Free Antivirus

Avast is easy to understand, uses simple language to explain any problems, and has a great user interface that anyone can follow. It simplifies things like updating to the latest version and keeping the virus list up to date. Use silent mode to avoid the excessive announcements.

Download Avast 2015 Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus 2015

Like Avast, Panda scored top marks for virus protection in AV-Test's report. Its interface is pretty but not as user friendly as that of Avast. It also has a nice feature called USB Vaccine - this prevents virus attacks that occur when you plug in an infected USB drive.

Download Panda Free Antivirus 2015

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

BitDefender's best feature is that it runs quietly in the background by default. It won't bother you until it spots an infection, unlike most other anti-virus software, which need a fair bit of tweaking to get them to stop popping up all the time Read more:-Symantec Norton Security Service

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